Identifying Geekcriet modules from the 37-in-1 bundle

 Why should I care about this?

I recently bought this bundle of sensors from Geekcriet with 37 different sensors intended to be used with an Arduino board. Because this is a cheap chinese product, no instructions or descriptions where provided, and searching the internet I found bit and pieces, but not a complete list to help me out.

The modules

Each of the modules have printed an ID on the PCB, but these seem to be unique to Geekcriet and not some kind of standard, so by finding similar modules from other manufactures where other people have described them, I compared their pictures with my modules and made this list.
Disclaimer: I have for now only cataloged the modules, not been able to try them out to actually verify it.
At a time in the future I might also get round to finding code samples for using the modules and add that to the list or as separate posts.

Module Name Geekcriet ID   Additional Info
Active buzzer module HW-512    
Passive buzzer module HW-508    
Common cathode RED&GREEN LED module HW-480   Could be HW-477
Two color common cathode LED module HW-477   Could be HW-480
Knock sensor module HW-500    
Shock switch sensor module HW-513    
Photo resistor sensor module HW-486    
Push button module HW-483    
Tilt switch module HW-501    
RGB LED module HW-479   Could be HW-478
Infrared transmit module HW-489    
RGB colorful LED module HW-478   Could be HW-479
Hydrargyrum (Mercury) switch sensor module HW-505    
Colorful auto flash module HW-481    
Magnet-ring sensor module HW-484   Could be HW-497
Seen under the name "REED SWITCH"
Hall sensor module HW-506    
Infrared receive sensor module HW-490    
Analogy hall sensor module HW-495    
Magic ring module HW-499   Is actually to identical sensors
Seen under the name "Magic light cup"
Rotate encode module HW-040    
Light break sensor module HW-487    
Finger pulse sensor module HW-502    
Magnetic spring module HW-497   Could be HW-484
Seen under the name "MINI REED SWITCH"
Obstacle avoidance sensor module HW-488    
Tracking sensor module HW-511    
Microphone sensor module HW-496    
Laser transmit module No ID found   Brass colored barrel
Relay module HW-482    
Analog temperature sensor module HW-498    
18b20 temperature sensor module HW-492   DS18B20
Digital temperature sensor module HW-503    
Linear hall Sensor module HW-509    
Flame sensor module HW-491    
High sensitive voice sensor module HW-485    
Humidity sensor module HW-507   TEMP and humidity module
Joystick PS2 module HW-504    
Touch sensor module HW-494    


  1. I found some more information about the 37-in-1 sensors here:

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